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Rabbit x1 £5.00 per day
Rabbits x2 £8.00 per day

Guinea Pig x1 £4.00 per day
Guinea Pigs x2 £6.00 per day
Guinea Pigs x3 £9.00 per day

Chinchilla x1 £5.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)
Chinchillas x2 £9.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)

Degus x1 £5.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)
Degus x2 £9.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)

Rat x1 £3.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)
Rats x2 £5.00 per day (Huge habitat x4 floors)

Gerbil x1 £2.00 per day
Gerbils x2 £3.00 per day

Mouse x1 £2.00 per day
Mice x2 £3.00 per day

Hamster x1 £2.00 per day

Tortoise x1 £3.00 per day

Budgie x1 £2.00 per day
Budgies x2 £3.00 per day

Cockatiel x1 £2.50 per day


When it comes to understanding your pet’s needs you cannot go much further. 
Furbabies Motel is managed and supported by Karima and her husband Lee, a small, yet affective family run business.
Karima has a degree in animal management, behaviour and welfare, and has studied and worked with animals in different parts of the world, including animal sanctuary’s in Namibia and South Africa.  Karima also has trained and worked alongside a highly experienced and published dog behaviourist here in the UK. 

Lee has been training with Karima for the last five years, extending his knowledge in understanding animal needs, behaviour, dietary and much more.  Both Karima and Lee are animal lovers and have over 20 years’ experience each, looking after and caring for animals.  So rest assured that Furbabies Motel will love and care for your pet as though it was their very own.

Your pet will be in good hands if you choose Furbabies Motel for your small bundle of love’s next holiday.







The Right Choice

When you need to get away for a holiday, weekend break or other commitments, then look no further than Furbabies Motel, based in Hazel Grove.  We have the perfect setting and environment for your pet to have a fun, safe and happy break.  We will happily go that extra mile to give your beloved pets the best experience we can deliver.  We always put the pets first.  We adhere to animal welfare requirements and set strict standards of delivery for all the animals that stay with us.

Furbabies Motel constantly checks your pets for signs of stress, discomfort or any other issues which may make your pets experience sad.  We then do something about it.  We want your pet to leave happy, and ready for their next visit to see and stay with us.  Furbabies Motel is the right choice.


Our mouse Dodger had a fabulous stay at Furbabies. They gave first class care and offered tips and advice upon collecting him. He stayed in his own cage but the hutches and Chinchilla cages were imaculately kept. A very friendly and caring pet motel that we would recommend to anyone with small pets. We will be back with Dodger. - M Hammond, Poynton


Safety and Security

Furbabies Motel is ideally set inside a solid brick building, with two double glazed windows allowing for natural light throughout the day.  The temperature is regularly checked to make sure it is just right for your beloved pets.  Our building is locked when we are not present, and is monitored by CCTV camera’s to make sure we can deliver maximum security for your small pet.  We also have pet cam’s present as well should you wish to see your small bundle of love 24/7 via a mobile smart phone app. (ask for more details)

Below is a list of safety benefits for your small pet:

  • CCTV
  • Pet Cams
  • securely locked brick building
  • x2 Barn doors to make sure your small pet cannot get outside without one of us escorting them.
  • Double glazed – secure locked windows
  • Motion Flood lighting around property and grounds



We strive to keep all hutches, and habitats clean, safe and free from germs and diseases.  We regularly clean the places of stay, making sure they are homely for your beloved pet. We use animal friendly disinfectant to clean all places to ensure comfort for your pet at all times. 

As standard, before and after handling any of our small visitors we sanitise our hands thoroughly. 

We don’t mix pets when out and about exercising, unless you have said it is okay to do so. 
If required we can groom your pet with our tools and utensils, which are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

The motel floor is disinfected, swept and managed to keep the environment safe, clean and germ free.  In addition to stop contamination from outside we wear and encourage others to wear our disposable show covers when entering the Motel; as we do let your pets out on the floor while cleaning their habitats.



In order to reduce stress levels and to stimulate and encourage happiness and wellbeing Furbabies Motel plays different relaxing tunes in the morning and in the evenings.  We even create a calming light show and do other activities to stimulate your beloved pets.

As standard we let your small Furbabies out for exercise at different times of the day and evening, depending upon their sleep patterns.  We can let your pets run happy and free both indoors and outdoors in our large spacious and secure bespoke runs, to the side of our motel. (Dependant on weather – this is Britain after all – the rainy nation of the world…)



Diet is very important for all small animals.  Giving your beloved small pet the wrong diet can have serious repercussions, and could result in a costly trip to the vets.  This is why we make sure we get the diet just right and monitor your pet’s behaviour and wellbeing to make sure your pet is well, content and happy while they stay with us.  We care.  We go the extra mile to make sure your beloved pet enjoys their stay with us.



Our rustic, indoor/outdoor rabbit hutches are bespoke and built specifically to suit our theme, but mainly to cater for your rabbits needs.  We have 12 large, spacious hutches and 2 large duplex hutches based inside our Route 66 pet motel.  Each hutch is spacious with great depth, cleaned daily and disinfected with pet friendly disinfectant to reduce risk of germs and illness. 





We offer a huge Chinchilla cage with 4 levels.  The cage can easily give your small pet plenty of space to move around in, have a dust bath, treats, food and some toys, as well as space for one or two hanging hammocks. 

Having two Chinchillas of our own, we thoroughly understand Chinchillas, their needs and also how vital getting their diet is.  Chinchillas are loving small pets, which are delicate and need a lot of love, stimulation and companionship.  We can give this to your pet.  We let your Chinchillas out often, to give them the exercise they need.  Furbabies Motel is the right choice for your beloved Chinchillas.





Degus are loving animals that bring warmth to your heart.  We understand their needs and their diet requirements, exercise as well of ample space being a must.  When it comes to the wellbeing of your small pet, Furbabies Motel has you and your pet covered.



Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are loving and social pets.  We understand that they are delicate, need a lot of attention and require a good environment to stay in.  Furbabies Motel can look after your beloved pet and give them a truly wonderful, enriching experience that will leave them calm, relaxed and generally chilled out.  We accommodate the guinea pigs inside our large hutches with wooden base flooring, fluffed up with an ample lay of safe, wood shavings.  Due to the possibility of bumblefoot infection, we don’t place your guinea pigs in our large wire mesh cages.




Furbabies Motel understands that your small bundle of joy is very intelligent, in need of human companionship and lots of space to dart around in, and climb.  Our large Chinchilla cage also doubles up as a habitat for rats, if this is vacant your rat can stay in there, alternatively and to also lower stress we request that you bring with them their own cage.  Ideally your cage will be close to 50cm x 80cm with a height level of 50cm.  Please call us to confirm dimensions to make sure we can have enough room ready for your beloved pet.

A good rat diet leads to a long healthy life for your small pet.  We ask that you inform us of the diet your rat is currently on, so that we can replicate this, and keep your little omnivore happy and content with minimal stress.



Gerbils, Mice and Hamsters

Furbabies Motel understands the needs of your small pet.  We understand they have different heat tolerances, diets and exercise habits.  In addition all have different sleeping patterns.  Taking this into consideration we ask that you bring your small bundle of love in their own cage.  Understanding the needs clearly, we for example would not place a hamster cage near to a gerbil’s cage.  Hamsters like to run on wheels at night, and make a lot of noise while keeping themselves active and well.  While Gerbils prefer the daytime generally.  Nobody likes a noisy neighbour.

For all requirements, wellbeing, diet and monitoring behaviour, for an excellent holiday for your small pet, Furbabies Motel has you covered.



Furbabies Motel is open to everyone who wishes to have their pet stay with us. 




We cater for Manchester, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Stockport, Adlington, Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Bramhall, Bollington, Bredbury, Buxworth, Carrington, Chapel-en-le-frith, Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme, Denton, Didsbury, Disley, Dove Holes, Glossop, Hadfield, Handforth, Hale, hayfield, Hazel Grove, High Lane, Hyde, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Marple, Mere, Mobberley, Prestbury, Pott Shrigley, Poynton, Sale, Stretford, Timperley, Whaley Bridge, Wilmslow, Withington, Wythenshawe and further afield.


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