Furbabies Dog Training Award Winners 2018, 2019 and 2020 of Stockport and Greater Manchester South

Welcome to Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Care
Our pets are very valuable members to our family, they provide us with much love.  All they ask for in return is to be loved, cared for and given attention.

Here at Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Services we truly love all the animals we care for and train.  Our dream and determination to give the love and care needed for as many pets as we can.  In addition we focus on delivering a customer driven top service to for all of our customers.  We put pet welfare at the forefront.  Majority of our services are bespoke and can be tailored to suit you and your pets needs.  Whether you are looking for continual support or an adhoc solution, Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Services can deliver.   We operate 7 days a week.

Customers always come first
Furbabies Pet Care and Dog Training Solutions strive to offer an exceptional customer service experience, backed up with the care and support you and your pets need.  We give all our attention to your pets, and give you feedback, video and photo updates regularly.  We are reliable and trustworthy.  You can expect that the service you have paid for, will be delivered; we never cut corners, or give less time than was agreed.  We always listen to you, take on-board your concerns, ideas and required suggestions.  We are here for you and your pets.  We are happy to communicate with you anytime. 

Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Care deliver on our promises - guaranteed.

High Standards
Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Care follow strict, high standards which have been overseen by animal behaviourist, Karima Agabani, who holds a degree in Animal Management, Behaviour and Welfare. 



Furbabies Pet Care and Dog Training is here for you when you need a hand

You can't always be there for your beloved pets, or give them the time and exercise they do need to live a healthy, happy life.  However, Furbabies Pet Service offers a host of support solutions to help you and your pets.  We can support you through your busy lifestyle, and help when you physically cannot give your pets what they need.  Furbabies Pet Care and Dog Training can help with the unplanned, and provide the care and companionship for your pets.  We are here to help.

If you have recently gained a new puppy addition to your household, it would be advantageous to train your puppy as soon as possible.  Furbabies Pet Care and Dog Training are Bark Excellence award winners for three continuous years.  The awards for dog training have been acquired by Lee Richards, dog trainer and handler, for his support to his clients, and for outstanding, fast training solutions that suit the dog and owners.  All the training solutions Lee does are bespoke and carefully considered for each dog, as all dogs have personalities and so are not the same. 

However it is never to late to train your pet.  Lee is experienced with many traditional and new training concepts, which will benefit your dog's requirements, environment and suitability.

Fantastic pet solutions
Furbabies Pet care and Dog Training Services offer a wide range of ad-hoc and bespoke solutions to suit your needs, including:

Everything Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Care do is quality driven for you and your beloved pets.
We love all animals and pets that we care for and train - This is what gets us up in the mornings.

We are honest, reliable and we deliver what is agreed.  We never cut corners, or skimp on time with your pets.  Your pets welfare is of great importance to us as well as you.



Try the Furbabies Dog Training and Pet Care experience for yourself.  Get in touch today, and see how we can help you.

Wishing you and your pets all the best





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